1.100 Side Bends.
2. Two hundred sit-ups.
3. 100 Bicycle Crunches.


1. 50 Curls with ten pound weights.
2. 25 Butterflys with five pound weights.
3. 25 Butterfly (side) with five pound weights.
4. 25 Floor Butterfly's with five pound weights.
5. 25 repetitions of the expansion series.
6. 25 Butterfly Press with five pound weights.
7. 25 Butterfly Presses with ten pound weights.


1. 200-500 squats.
2. 50 lunges.
3. 50 static lunges.
4. 50 Leg presses (while on knees).
5. 50 H Raises.
6. 30 Touchdowns.
7. 50 step-ups.
8. 5 minutes on elliptical if possible.


1. 50 Pl�es.
2. 50 Tendu's.
3. 25 Battements.
4. 25 Ronde De Jambe.
5. 30 Coup�.
6. 30 Deg�ge.
7. 30 Fondu�.
8. Repeat steps 2-7 while lying down.
9. 60 Lying pl�e with ab circles.
10. 25 Cambr�.
11. 10 Ar�besque 45 degrees to each side.


1. 2 repetitions of the Vinyasa series.


1. 30 Roll-ups.
2. 15 Open leg rocker.
3. 15 Closed led rocker.
4. 30 Swimming strokes.
5. 40 Scissors.
6. 40 Criss-cross.
7. 2 sets of the Side series.

Belly Dance

1. 30 Turkish Belly Rolls.
2. 30 Reverse Turkish Belly Rolls.
3. 30 vertical figure eights.
4. 30 figure eights.
5. Snake Arms.
6. 60 Hip Drop with Eygyptian Walk.
7. 40 Hip Snaps.
8. 30 Rib Slides.



��Don't you ask someone how real they are
You have no right to judge
Trying to make them feel small?
Even though they won't budge
They'll just prove it
Do they all have to cut '4 Real'
Into their arms?
For you to understand we're not faking?
Do we have to jump from buildings, drink gasoline and hang ourselves on the door with our ties?
For you to finally see we have feelings too?
This is a race of action after words
And they'll show you action
Whether you like it or not
So next time she's crying her eyes out
You'd better not tell her to stop


A little bit of conceited posting

��It's hard to believe it's October. So many things happening. November is going to be quite eventful. So I'm looking to forward to that as well. Latin is lovely. My left frontal lobe must be highly developed because I have an effortless capacity for language.
Psychology is fun and Literature of course. Math is non-sensical.

Some things happening.

I am 2-4-0 in fantasy football. Pretty good for a first timer. Still have a ton of weeks to go.

Ufc 104 which I will be blogging about soon.

New Moon, Kris Allen, and Adam Lambert all released in November. Very excited.

I know I haven't updated in a while. I'm looking to blog more in the way of an essay or thesis as it will help with school.

Being a die hard fan of the entire Law and Order series and the Twilight Zone. I process the plots and messages of every episode with studied purpose. Many extremely pertinent points have been revealed to me from a psychological standpoint and I truly owe this the many writers of Law and Order, and to my screen-writing inspiration Rod Serling. If I ever have to write a thesis, I know exactly what it will be on. Who said Primetime TV wasn't educational.

I've made many revelations about my life as well. I don't have forever to find a mate, get a perfect body, and a great career. I have to start now. Or else I'll end up a snooty spinster.

And my newest passion, cooking! Mainly desserts. I can't wait to get better and better as it can only help me in the long run.

From drinking more water to five hundred squats a day I've definitely changed in the past months yet don't fret. I'm still the biggest Johnny Depp loving, Hugh Jackman drooling, Rob Pattinson praising, MMA addicted bitch in Wisconsin, and proud of it.