Done Is Done

��I should get the flattest belly I can
Dance like Shakira finally
Eat one meal a day
Marry a Fishbourne type
Do some amorphous work
Dad can make his face
Mom can smile
Everyone is everyone
Yet it won't remove
So still I stay.
I'm not going...

It's for....

��Life is a waste of time
We want to live so we can say that
Why smile
Who gives a fuck
Maybe guilt it is and guilt it should be
Smiling won't help
Neither will these fake laughs
I'm sorry


��Treat us like disposable gloves
Out to pasture
Wipe up the shit
Of cows who don't care
We are one in suffering
No one helps
It's all an act they say
As she drowns
They shake their heads
Too lazy to help


Complete opposites
Return the circle
It can't be that bad
With an own
Besides myself
Dance alone and not very well
Writing rubbish
Saying more
What defines worth it

I Told You

Rebel so you won't say I told you so
Looking at me with knowing eyes

"How was it?"

"Did you enjoy it?"

I knew it would be you
After all your big talk
You did after all

I couldn't stand that.
I'll wait until your gone
Those knowing smiles
Kill me


��Many languages I want to learn
So many have no melody
French rolls off the tounge so romantic
Spanish so rich and regal
Swahili so fruity and full of heart
Yet what is language to the soul that cannot see?
What is language to the eye which cannot read?

Languge of the skeleton.

What can I feel?

Poem to the hangman

��Bitter world
We all die
So I'll say it anyway

Pornographic secrets
We all die
So I'll watch it anyway

Propaganda from all sides (pick your poison)
I'm a proud red at heart
We all die
So I believe it anyway

Who gives a bourgeoise (or broke) fuck?
Does it matter?
'Cause we all die anyway

I'll do my shit while I'm here
Torture myself as an experiment
I can't even laugh anymore

Does it matter?
We're gonna die anyway.



��Bookends hold together ideas
Sandwiched between lies
Fishing out creativity
Cliche ridden
Guilt providing
Only a few stand out from the solitude
And those
I choose
To put between the special
Bookends of my brain