��An ample vocabulary
Is useless
My thesaurus melts
Search engines
Gears spontaneously begin to rust
Every foreign dialect
That's passed
Through my
Every sound of
Every human
Every painting
By every maestro
A composistion by Debussy
Or Mendholsson
Brought to life by an infant virtuouso
Lagerfield's genius in
Silk and organdy
And centuries of races.
Empires won.
Just to find a minute something
To describe the tiny speck of galaxy
In your iris,
Would take
The end of time

I wrote this poem ironically while sitting three seats from the guy I liked at DE class, yet I wasn't writing about him. It's more about love (a theme I write effortlessly on yet hopelessly can't achieve in real life). The man I saw while writing this was of course I don't have to say his name now do I? Lol. Yet it's also about how I would feel about whatever man I chose to love and love me.


  1. Amazingness =) I love names necessary *wink* You are quite the intelligent one now arent you? I love you sweets!!

  2. I like your poem. I write poetry too.
    Check out my blog if you want.

    Comments and a follow would be greatly appreciated. =]